Sell ​​Cheap Wood Veneers Selling wood veneers which are sheets of wood which usually have a thickness usually between 0.24 mm to 0.6 mm resulting from stripping certain types of wood. Selling cheap wood veneers for office, hotel, and other needs that are usually used as coatings for interior products such as furniture and building components. Not only that, wood veneers can also be applied to household needs. Furniture industries such as in manufacturing also often use veneers in producing furniture. PT Mutu Prima Utama, supplier of wood veneers provides wood veneers of various types of wood such as: Indah Wood, Cherry, Warau, Jati, Sonokeling, Whiteask, Zebrano, Tolitohu, Amara, Zebrared, Merbau, Mindi, Nyatoh, and many other types of wood. Buy through us now with competitive prices for wood veneers for your needs.
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